Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Mists & mellow fruitfulness

Interested in different mediums on the market at the moment, I wanted to see what 
effects I could incorporate into my style of work and make them more exciting.

Experimenting with glass bead medium and lava paste, along with gilding flakes and interference medium, you can see what an exciting effect I achieved and I have thoroughly enjoyed the process.
Varnishing was interesting to do.  I had to literally drizzle the liquid over it very carefully so as not to disturb the glass beads, that was because I was using high gloss varnish to bring out the shine, I think in hindsight I may spray it over next time. 

I hope the photographs have captured the textures and shine for you to see. 

This painting is entitled "MISTS AND MELLOW FRUITFULNESS" 
Size - 20" x 16"       on deep edge canvas, finished with black edges. 

click on the images for a larger view. 

Sketching in Dorset

We recently became proud owners of a trailer tent, and I must say I was pleasantly 
surprised at how comfortable it was. My partner wanted to take it on a trial run before it 
gets wintered away, so we had a couple of lovely autumnal days down near Charmouth, Dorset, last week. 

The countryside was so lovely, and so many subjects to paint.  As we live on the border of this beautiful county I was well aware of its appeal, so was prepared to take lots of photographs and sketches as reference material. 
I didn't really have a lot of time to sketch, but I did manage the small pen and wash sketch above, from the comfort of my chair, with my little friend for company. He is just keeping an eye on those sheep wandering up and down the field. 

My sketch view 
alfie keeping an eye on those sheep.

Inspiring countryside which I hope to paint soon.

Monday, 26 September 2016


Sitting on the bank of the river Dart, high upon Dartmoor, 
I was studying the colour of the leaves where the sun shone brightly through them. 
The dappled light glittered through the tree canopy, while below, the water rushed white foam
over the rocks to the bridge further down. 
This is the result of my half an hour sketching. I also took photographs so that I can 
work on a painting in more detail later. 


Completed a couple of weeks ago. This painting measures 80cm x 30cm
It has bronze highlights in the grasses, which shine in the light, 
and you can just see the rolling hills of wilts and Dorset in the distance. 

It was inspired by a trip out in my car one August evening, driving round the village. 
You could smell freshly cut hay where the farmers were reaping their harvest, 
birds were singing high in the trees and the sun still felt warm. 

This is a close up view of the painting as it is now in its finished state, 
and the image below shows its scale, and what it looked like before I decided to add the distant hills. 
This painting is titled "FIELDS OF GOLD"

Friday, 5 August 2016

Splatts and Shards exhibition 2016

This has been a lovely exhibition space, unfortunately not as many visitors as we would have hoped for. I think it could have been the time of year, as the weather was really warm and sunny, so people head off to the coast, and with school holidays, I think a lot of people were away. Hving said that it was a steady flow of people through the doors.
We had some coach parties in, and foreign exchange students, who love to ask lots of questions about our work, and a lot of good comments on the standard, and how well it all goes together. - we get a lot of that. 
I have added some pictures for you to see, although my video virtual tour, was too long to fit on here, you can see it on my facebook page.

Monday, 25 July 2016

AUTUMN GOLD, gilding flakes.

Here is the latest painting I have completed, and I must say I really enjoyed going a bit less detailed and a little more abstract. 
Not much mind, as I don't seem to ever loosen up with my work. 
I had a gilding kit for Christmas a couple of years ago, one of those box sets you buy from 
QVC, and have used it a couple of times to embellish my work. 
This time I decided to be a lot more daring, and gild larger areas for autumn leaves. 
It is really hard to capture the shine on camera, but hopefully you can see how exciting it 
looks, and imagine how it changes when the light is upon it.
I have titled it AUTUMN GOLDS 

This painting has now sold! 
quite quickly i must say.

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Painting the mural in the beer garden.

I love it when a plan comes together.
Whilst chatting to the landlady of the pub where I display my work,
 she mentioned that she would love a mural on the wall in the beer garden.
We discussed the sort of things she liked, and she showed me a barrel in the 

garden with water and grasses growing in it. she said "This is my pond!"

So I went away and doodled in my sketch book, and came up with this image.
she was really happy, and so it was just transferring it all onto the wall. 

if you are local and fancy and look, its The Grove arms, Ludwell near shaftesbury. 


Here's how it all starts out. drawn with a piece
 of chalk. Later I found a chunk of graphite to
 do the rest. I was quite brave, doing big sweeping
strokes, and I think I was aiming for a kind of
art Nouveau feel. 

Of course I was well looked after being in a pub, and lots of ice water with lemon. I worked for a few hours at a time, as i need to pace myself because of myfybromyalgia. I was really lucky that I was sitting in the shade, although when I got home from the second morning, I was really burnt. I think it was wind burn, as I was not in the sun at all, and I was thinking what a lovely breeze was blowing, not surprising as it was the hottest day of the year!.
 I gave up early as it was so warm and went home for a siesta. 

Finished the grasses, now I have to go
back at a later stage, and check
that it is looking the same all the
way along, and add all the little
critters to the top part.
There will be dragonflies, bees, and
maybe the frog.
I will upload a completed image of
this mural which I hope will be by the
end of next week. 


Sherborne open art exhibition has come around again, and another very hot evening.
Every year it seems to be very crowded, and everyone fanning themselves with their programmes because it is such humid weather.

I am pleased to say that all 3 of my entries were hung on the wall, and all in good positions, which is good because they do not notify you if your work was successful, you just have to go and find them on preview night.
It was lovely to listen to some of the comments about my work, all good, and some quite 
I also feel very pleased with my watercolour FORGOTTEN DREAMS, which looks stunning in its frame.
The standard of work at this exhibition is very high, and some really lovely art that I would have liked to buy, if I didnt need the space at home!   
well worth a visit to The Digby Hall, Sherborne, there is a car park right next to it so easy to get to. 


The olive tree, (greenhouse)

Friday, 15 July 2016

Atkinson Gallery, Millfield school, exhibition

I have been so busy this week! 
what with handing in work for the Sherborne open exhibition ready 
for next week, collecting prints for The Cove Gallery, preparing flyers for my exhibition
with Claire, and selling work at the Grove arms, Ludwell.

Here I am again at another exhibition preview evening, and I am pleased to say 
that I am quite good now, and actually stay off the wine!. 
Yes, that really is just orange juice!!
There have been some amusing pictures of me with a shiny red face, enjoying a few 
glasses of red, and slightly tipsy at some of the earlier venues I have attended, so I 
have come to the conclusion that it is'nt very professional. 
(I made up for it when I got home mind.) 

This is the Atkinson gallery, at Millfield school, Street, in Somerset, 
 where my painting "Mother's day" is having another outing. 


an interesting and varied exhibition of works.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016



Very pleased to announce that my artwork has a new place on display at the Grove arms, 
Ludwell, nr Shaftesbury
I heard that they were looking for a local artist whose work was bold and bright, and reflected the surrounding area, so I dropped them an email. They love my tree paintings, which is 
good news because it is the subject most dear to my heart. 
It was great to meet Nina who showed me around this lovely old building, and I was surprised just how big it was. I have been in and had a lovely meal there in the past, and will definitely be checking out some of their live music evenings. 
Go to the website for details and directions. 




Brand new artwork just completed, measuring 20" x 30"  quite a big statement piece, which will be on display at Shaftesbury art center for one week from 3rd Aug. 
Here is a close up of the beach huts so that you can see the detail better. I really enjoyed painting this.

Monday, 13 June 2016


2 of the paintings I have just completed.
I did say I was going to paint some more treescapes, after all the seaside work I have 
done just lately, although now I have started a project on a much larger canvas, 
of the beach huts at Wells next the sea, Norfolk. 
I am hoping to have a few larger new pieces to show at Shaftesbury art centre, 
3rd - to 9th August 2016.