Sunday, 11 June 2017


  I am exhibiting at the chapel in Eype near Bridport, Dorset. 14th to 16th July 2017. 

you can find out much more on their facebook page, 

On friday we took a trip down to Eype and sussed out a good place to stay with our trailer tent, during this exhibition, as I will be there to talk to visitors. 
Looking for subject matter for another painting, 
I have found a nice view of Colmers Hill that I think is my next project. 

We were driving along, admiring the view, when I saw this oak tree again up on top of a hill at a place called Ryall. It was like visiting an old friend!
 I have spent so much time on this painting just lately,  I had to stop and say good afternoon, and take some photos of it with leaves.
This is my painting called 'The solitary Oak'  and it was set in the Autumn.  
Not a lot of change really although looking at it again, I think that's a pair, not solitary!  -  May need to re-name it.