Saturday, 14 January 2017

Autumn Gilding

This is quite a large painting, which I really enjoyed working on. I think it was the tree that 
initially caught my eye, (as usual!) but also the rolling countryside, which I haven't really turned my attention to just lately. 
inspired by a camping trip to Dorset back in September, I was really itching to get started on this painting which measures 20" x 30"

Studying reference photos, I draw out my planned image loosely with white chalk, I often 
draw out lots of small thumbnails in my rough sketch book, to see how it works composition 
wise, and if the whole thing flows comfortably. 

Because this painting is so detailed and busy, I decided to give it a plain quiet sort of sky.
 creating a part of the picture where the eye can rest.
Next I added the glue where I wanted my gilding flakes to be, and after the glue has gone
 tacky I stick them on with a dry paintbrush. I leave them for a while to set in place,
and go painting a different part, I know I can rub off the excess once 
it is all completely dry. 


I don't really have a plan when I paint these big pictures.
Sometimes I will try to be more structured and plan how I will work. 
Maybe from the top down, but in this case I painted the sky then the tree, 
then concentrated on the foreground finishing with the bottom right corner and the pathway.
I have recently taken this painting and 2 others to be photographed professionally,
ready for the Wylye valley art trail which runs from 27th may 2017 to 4th June 2017, 
you can see more info on their website and this painting will represent our venue
 in the trail book.