Thursday, 16 March 2017

Stourhead reflection, different style.

Stourhead reflections. 

I have had a lot of feedback about this painting since I posted it onto facebook the other day.  I keep being asked "how do you get it so glass like?" And "can I teach others to do it?" 
It started out as a demo piece for an art group, where one afternoon in my studio I Just picked up a big flat brush and went straight onto the canvas, no drawing whatsoever,
 Being really bold.
When I finished I was pleased and surprised as it did'nt look like it was painted by me! It is not my usual style but I am glad I have finally loosened up and had fun.' 

First I chose my reflection line using the third and two thirds principle,  placing a piece of masking tape on the bottom edge of this line which will be the waters edge.  
Next I painted a basecoat of orange where the trees would be worked over the top. This was to give a warm autumnal feeling to the painting as some of the colour shows through, then I filled in my sky colour.
 I added the trees and temple, working the paint up to the edge of the masking tape where the water begins.

Once dry I peeled off my masking tape to reveal a good straight edge to work up to.
 I covered the area of reflection in a dark green/brown 
Mixture of paint, working the reflected shapes in a slightly lighter mix loosely into the Wet paint. I use a flat brush dragging the colour down from top to bottom adding lighter
Colour and highlights, building the shapes gradually, elongating them slightly.

My painting is almost completed. I have added the light colour in the foreground for the reflection of the sky. Plus a couple of thin lines across the water to give it that glass like finish.
This is the view across the lake of the temple at the national trust stourhead gardens in wiltshire.